Covid 19 Pandemic Lockdown And Mental Health

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By: Dr Asad Abbas, M.D. (Medicine), D.M. (Neurology), Consultant Neurologist, Member American academy of neurology and Indian academy of health care & Sr. Associate Editor-ICN World

LUCKNOW: Coronavirus/Covid 19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of our daily lives. lots of bad news is coming regularly to us via social media, print media and television. It is affecting all of us physically more so mentally and socially in a big way. The measures to contain this, like social distancing /lockdown will keep us physically healthy but it can take a toll on us psychologically.

I suggest certain things to ward off the ill effect of lockdown on our mental health.

1]Try to stay relaxed, don’t get panickly remember that all crises are going to end eventually.

2]Stay connected to your family, friends, office colleagues. Share your worries to someone you think is having a happy go lucky type of personality. He will proved to be the best councilor

3]Make new groups with people you like on social media platform and please don’t share anything about Corona/Covid 19. There is already enough on other platforms. Just use this platforms to share lighter things/comedy/jokes/motivational thoughts and videos.

4]Spend time with your kids keeping a note of their studies/hobbies and interests. Spending time with children is the most refreshing thing for a stressed mind.

5]Try those hobbies which you were unable to do because of your busy schedule like cooking, painting, writing a diary. Trying to learn something new is always stimulating for your brain .

6]If you have garden or potted plants and pets at your home taking care of them will give you positive vibes

7]Maintain a healthy routine during lockdown as on a working day. Do physical exercises, divide time between working from home and spending time with family and of course   catch up with your sleep which you always desired in the past.

8]Try to help the people in need as keeping others happy will always reflect on your happiness.

9]Read religious books ,pray to almighty as prayers always give you mental strength to fight against bad times. 

So get relaxed, focus on positive things, pray for the whole world to keep this crisis away. It will take time but will end. Take this bad time not as a setback but an opportunity to connect with yourself and to learn new things. In the end happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Dr Asad Abbas, Consultant Neurologist, Member American academy of neurology and Indian academy of health care & Sr. Associate Editor ICN World

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