An Interactive Session with Mushtaq Kak, director of the play, Hind Ke Ram

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NEW DELHI: The stage presentation of the play, Hind Ke Ram in Urdu which is based on the great epic Valmiki Ramayana, is going to be a memorable event in the near future. The book was launched last year in September by the Kerala Governor,  Arif Mohammad Khan.The stage version as “Hind Ke Ram” will be directed by the senior theatre director Mushtaq Kak, recipient of the Sangeet Natak Academy award.This play is written by Dr Mohammad Aleem, who has many books and awards to his credit. On 25th July, 2020, a web interaction was organized by its director, Mushtaq Kak on Zoom at 4 PM to connect with the actors, experts and scholars.In the virtual meeting on Zoom with the director,  Mushtaq Kak, writer, Dr Mohammad Aleem, senior journalist Ravi Parashar and the producer and brain behind the Adabi Cocktail, Atul Ganwar happened in a lively environment in this adverse time of the epidemic. All these people shared their views about the play, Hind Ke Ram(based on the play, Imam -e-Hind: Ram) in a quite engrossing way.  Mushtaq Kak elaborated in details how he wants to bring this play on stage in a realistic and convincing way and which will be entirely a new experience for the audience who are very much accustomed to watch the Ramleela and its Parsi style presentations. Dr Mohammad Aleem, while sharing his views about the play said that he wants to bring the ideal view of the god Ram whom the great epic poet Valmiki has depicted as the Maryada Purshottam, who was an ideal human being in every sense and lived with the godly power. In today’s context, its importance has grown exponentially. Atul Gangwar, put his views as a producer of this epic presentation how he has put his efforts to bring into reality before the people of India and the world.Ravi Parashar, senior journalist, as an expert on the subject shared his experiences about the play, which is quite different from the popular form of the story of Ram which we usually see in Ram Leela.This play will be in theatre soon as the threat of the Covid-19 goes from our lives.Adabi Cocktail is going to bring this event to the public in its own style and flavor. The producers of the program are Rama Pilot, Atul Gangwar, Amarjot Bhasin and Rakesh Yogi.


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